Hi! I’m Allison. Thanks for stopping by.

  My love for travel began before I was even a year old when I took my first international flight to the UK. I have been flying, boating and exploring ever since. I was fascinated with flying itself and in those days a child could go into the cockpit and talk to the pilot and learn about the mechanicals of the plane, I even earned my mini wings from being a frequent kiddie flier.  I grew up moving around a lot: everywhere from Virginia to Colorado, Connecticut to Pennsylvania, Australia and many places in between.  My South African father instilled a love of exploring new places and the need for a great work ethic to be able to afford to do so. My loving mother placed an importance on kindness and giving back along the way.

  People are what inspire me to travel, to explore and to dig deeper into different cultures. The languages, sounds, sights, smells, dwellings, foods and fashions exhilarate me, teach me and make me realize how alike we all are as humans. Traveling teaches me gratitude, open mindedness and that experiences outweigh material possessions.

  Whatever place I am in I must check out the real estate there.  Being in the real estate industry for many years, I love to see how people in other towns, cities and countries live. Lofts, houseboats, apartments, mud huts, oceanfront villas, bures and so on: the varying architectural styles are never ending.  My 88 year old grandmother is still an active real estate investor, so passion for real estate is definitely in my DNA.

  I also make it a priority to explore the fashions of the area I’m in. Are kaftans and sandals in style, or cowboy boots and jeans or bikinis and heels? Fashion expresses art and creativity and the culture of the region is ingrained in what the people wear, the vibrant or muted colors, the feel of the fabrics and the ways they accessorize.

I am a real estate broker, investor, business consultant, entrepreneur and travel writer currently residing in Miami, Florida with my husband and dog son. I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I explore the seven continents!